Video: Legendary Audio I.C.E. Overview

This video explains the functions and use of an innovative new audio plug-in called ‘I.C.E.’ I.C.E. is an acronym for In Case of Emergency. This Plug-in is a collaboration of Legendary Audio and Sonic Studio.

What can I.C.E. do? It can attack audio problems such as distortion, hot spots, over-modulation, sibilance, resonant bass and guitar frequencies, Overload, embedded digital harshness, clipping, vocal distortion, out-of-control cymbals, a generally unpleasant over-all tone, and other offending audio elements.

I.C.E. can even eliminate or diminish distortion in the source vocal or instrument which isn’t a function of the recording, but inherent in the source vocal or instrument. In short, I.C.E. removes or reduces distortion inherent in the recording or the source elements.

For Mac OSX Audio Unit 32/64 VST 2 32/64 AAX 32/64