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Sonic Studio Pro

Started in 1987 Sonic Solutions and the Sonic Studio audio workstation have driven the professional production and delivery of commercial Compact Discs, DVD, and SACD. The original “Sonic System” pioneered the desktop delivery of Red Book masters on recordable CD and DDP. To this day, over half of every commercially released CD titles are most likely mastered on a Sonic Studio workstation. Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE™ noise reduction tools for sound production and restoration for television and film are known for their excellence and has earned an Emmy™ for its role in the restoration of thousands of films and records.

Now, Sonic Studio Pro offers Plug-Ins for use in music production, access to Legacy Sonic Studio Products like soundBlade and its related NoNOISE Options, plus support resources for new and legacy software.

Sonic Studio Mastering EQ

Completely Transparent, Utterly Matchless, Simply Beautiful.

Format: Audio Unit

NoNoise 3 Hiss & Hum Removal

NoNOISE 3 is based on the Academy Award™ winning and legendary Broadband DeNoise™ system that pioneered the digital audio restoration industry.

Format: Audio Unit, VST2, AAX

Legendary Audio I.C.E.


Problem Frequency Detector & Eliminator

Format: Audio Unit, VST2, AAX

Wholegrain DynPEQ

Dynamic Parametric EQ and Limiter

Format: Audio Unit, AAX

Sonic Studio Legacy Software


soundBlade HD
soundBlade SE


soundBlade LE
soundBlade HD All Access
soundBlade LE All Access


NoNoise Options for soundBlade

Broadband DeNoise II


Manual DeClick II
Spectral Repair Tool

Miscellaneous Software

All Access Plug-In Bundle
AudioRepair Toolkit


Paid Technical Support

Registered users who are beyond their Limited Complimentary Technical Assistance period and who do not have an annual studioCare contract are eligible for the following paid support options:

Purchase an Annual studioCare Support Agreement:

NOTE: Current studioCare customers will always receive priority support.

To receive e-mail or telephone technical support, you will need a valid serial number and must be registered for a current Sonic Studio product. Please keep your original product serial number in a safe place as it will be required for support.

For customers preferring e-mail assistance please visit our Support Page and click on the 'Support Portal' tab.

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