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NEW PRODUCT: Artist Connection

Artist Connection iOS and Android Mobile apps

Artist Connection streamlines the approval process to just a few simple steps that dramatically shortens the time between recording and release. Securely stream content with complete tracking of all steps. Studios know when content they send is auditioned, and with instant message feedback, the time required for the approval process is dramatically reduced.

Artist Connection can be accessed on mobile platforms via an app for iOS and Android, while Sonic Studio’s Amarra Luxe provides cross–platform desktop support. The service supports all common formats and sample rates; Sony 360 Reality Audio (mobile only), PCM, FLAC, MP4, Binaural and most compressed audio formats. With its ability to share media content Artist Connection is a modern framework for content creators to reach out and connect directly with their audiences, allowing artists to easily promote and monetize their work.


Sonic Studio Mastering EQ

Completely Transparent, Utterly Matchless, Simply Beautiful.

Format: Audio Unit for OSX

NoNoise 3 Hiss & Hum Removal

NoNOISE 3 is based on the Academy Award™ winning and legendary Broadband DeNoise™ system that pioneered the digital audio restoration industry.

Format: Audio Unit, VST2, AAX for OSX

Legendary Audio I.C.E.


Problem Frequency Detector & Eliminator

Format: AU/VST/AAX for OSX and Windows VST

Wholegrain DynPEQ

Dynamic Parametric EQ and Limiter

Format: Audio Unit, AAX for OSX

studioCare Support Options

Support is critical to ensuring success in any activity.  Sonic provides a variety of support products to meet your needs.


Access to our Knowledge Bases and FAQs is available 24x7 and is always free of charge.


Paid Technical Support

Additional support is available to provide a higher priority level of support for your environment

*10% discount available on annual purchase

NOTE: Current studioCare customers will always receive priority support.


Questions About Sonic Studio Pro Products?

Pre-Sales Questions

Sonic Studio Pro
Main Phone: +1 415-944-7642 (944-SNIC)

Contact us through the Sonic Studio Pro Support Portal


Customer Support

Sonic Studio Legacy Software


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soundBlade LE
soundBlade HD All Access
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NoNoise Options for soundBlade

Broadband DeNoise II


Manual DeClick II
Spectral Repair Tool

Miscellaneous Software

All Access Plug-In Bundle
AudioRepair Toolkit

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