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We want to thank you for using Sonic Studio products and to let you know that customer service is very important to us here at Sonic Studio.

Please read our Customer Support Policy by clicking on the Support Options tab in the left hand margin. It is important that you understand how we handle support inquiries for our products, and this document explains our procedures.

Knowledge Base & F.A.Q.

Find your answer in our Knowledge Base

In this Sonic Studio Knowledge Base, we’ve assembled dozens of articles related to soundBlade, Plug-ins, CD and DDP Delivery, your Mac, technical notes plus tips and tricks.

To find a Knowledge Base article related to your topic of interest, enter a Search Term in the ‘Search The Knowledge Base’ field below and then the enter or return key. Any articles on your subject will be filtered and presented.

Software Downloads

All Access – Requires an All Access iLok License

soundBlade – Requires a soundBlade 2.3 iLok License


soundBlade Options – You may need to upgrade your soundBlade Option(s) license to use.



Stand-Alone Apps


Sonic Console – Requires Sonic Studio Model 302, 303, 304 or 305 Hardware

Sonic Studio Remote Support Application

soundBlade Installer Archive

Please create a new ticket on our Pro Support Portal to request links to previous versions of soundBlade HD, SE and LE and other associated software.

Note: legacy software releases are unsupported.


Sonic Studio Pro Instructional Videos

Removing Distortion with I.C.E
Working with Vocals in I.C.E.
Legendary Audio I.C.E. Overview
AudioRepair Toolkit (ART) Overview
NoNOISE 3 Plug-In Tutorial
Sonic Studio Mastering EQ Overview
Sonic Studio Process Batch Processing App
soundBlade Quick CD Tutorial
soundBlade Basic Navigation
Creating a securePlayer in soundBlade
soundBlade Advanced Editing Techniques
Using Plug-ins as Desk Events in soundBlade
Using NoNOISE Manual DeClick II
Installing & Configuring Your soundBlade/PMCD System


Current All Access Subscribers

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Current soundBlade v2.2 Users Upgrade to v2.3

soundBlade LE v2.2 to LE v2.3
(requires LE 2.2 license)

soundBlade SE v2.2 to SE v2.3
(requires SE 2.2 license)

soundBlade LE v2.3 to SE v2.3
(requires LE 2.3 license)

soundBlade HD v2.2 to HD v2.3
(requires HD 2.2 license)

soundBlade SE v2.3 to HD v2.3
(requires SE 2.3 license)

soundBlade LE v2.3 to HD v2.3
(requires LE 2.3 license)

Current soundBlade v2.3 Users Free Updates

Options Upgrades

Legacy Users

Legacy Product Upgrades to soundBlade v2.3
(requires Legacy Product license)

Sonic Studio Technical Support Options for customers who have not purchased studioCare

Unlimited Complimentary Self Help Options

If you have questions about installing or using your Sonic Studio product, please check your User Guide first, you will find answers to many of your questions there. If you need further assistance, please click the 'soundBlade Knowledge Base' Tab on the left for a database of related articles, troubleshooting tips, links to user forums and more.

Limited Complimentary Technical Assistance

• 30 days of technical support assistance for up to three incidents is available with your initial purchase of soundBlade LE, SE or HD

• 30 days of technical support assistance for a single incident is available with your initial purchase of NoNOISE II FX, FR or SR, Series 300 Hardware or Quartet DynPEQ

• 14 days of technical support assistance for a single incident is available with the purchase of upgrades of Sonic Studio products

• Unrestricted access to our online FAQ and Knowledgebase resources

Your support period begins when your iLok license is initially deposited to your account following your product registration.

Fee-based support is available for those customers whose support period has expired and do not have a current studioCare™ annual contract. See next.

Paid Technical Support

Registered users who are beyond their Limited Complimentary Technical Assistance period and who do not have an annual studioCare contract are eligible for the following paid support options:

Purchase an Annual studioCare Support Agreement:

NOTE: Current studioCare customers will always receive priority support.

To receive e-mail or telephone technical support, you will need a valid serial number and must be registered for a current Sonic Studio product. Please keep your original product serial number in a safe place as it will be required for support.

For customers preferring e-mail assistance please click the 'soundBlade Support Portal' Tab in the left navigation menu.