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Welcome to Sonic Studio Pro

Premier Manufacturer Of Audio Engineering Software.

Sonic Studio Pro NoNoise 3

Hiss & Hum Remover Plug-In: Audio Units, VST, and AAX

Legendary Audio I.C.E.

Problem-Frequency Detector/Eliminator Plug-In

Sonic Studio Pro Mastering EQ

Four Band Mastering EQ Plug-In For Mac

Wholegrain DynPEQ

Dynamic Parametric EQ For Digital Audio

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iOS and Android Mobile Applications

Welcome to Artist Connection. Artist Connection is a new tool for studios to rapidly and easily send and receive audio tracks, that are pending approval, in a convenient and secure way. Artist approval can now take place all in one application, from start to finish, instead of having to rely on multiple programs and haphazard coordination to get content approved.


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Sonic Studio Pro News

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July 1, 2019: macOS Catalina Update

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Amarra Luxe

Amarra Luxe Is PERFECT For Professionals

You just mixed or mastered an album. You have multiple delivery formats to review for quality control: Uncompressed formats like WAV or AIFF at varied sample rates and bit depths, MP3, AAC, ALAC, FLAC.

How do you listen to all of those formats in one player? The answer is Amarra Luxe.