Sonic Studio Releases soundBlade v2.3.2

Current soundBlade v2.3 Users: If you aren’t already running v2.3.2, all you need to do is download and run the free new installer for your soundBlade product from the link below:

2.3.2 Change Highlights:

  • Fix for AIFF/WAV formats missing 44/16 checkbox on Export Tracks Dialog box
  • Fix for Export not assigning the correct ISRC in Broadcast Wave Format files

Attention All Access Users: version 2.3.2 is already included in the current All Access Bundles. If you haven’t done so yet, download and run the current installers HERE!

Haven’t upgraded to v2.3 yet? Here are some of the improvements you can expect from soundBlade 2.3:

  • Add ISRC to Broadcast WAV on Export — ISRCs are now embedded in BWF files
  • New Project — Users can now create an organized enclosing folder for new soundBlade Projects
  • Improved PQ Offsets handling — EDLs now drive the PQ Offset enable/disable instead of a global setting
  • Various bug fixes, including ‘Out Of Memory’ warning

soundBlade v2.3 is a paid upgrade unless you have a current studioCare support or soundBlade All Access subscription.