soundBlade LE All Access Subscription

For macOS 10.6.8 -> macOS Mojave. Not compatible with macOS Catalina.

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The soundBlade LE All Access software and restoration package includes over $2,000.00 of the following Sonic Studio Products at an affordable subscription rate

At a concert, an ‘All Access’ pass means you can go anywhere in the venue. soundBlade LE All Access gives you access to all areas of the Sonic Studio software environment that can be used in soundBlade LE. With soundBlade LE All Access you can use our best software: soundBlade LE and all of Sonic Studio’s NoNOISE and Sample-Rate Conversion Options are all included. Having this bundle means you are prepared to not only master your customer’s songs, but also fix any audio anomalies and make more money.

Retail Value of $2,038


Flexible Formats, Fast Editing

  • Precision stereo editing
  • Precise waveforms with sample-accurate editing views
  • Support for 24 bit AIFF, AIFC, WAV, BWF, FLAC, ALAC, and SD2
  • Open DDP File Sets for manipulation and re-editing
  • Background creation of waveforms for accurate display
  • Real-time gain up to +24 db per segment
  • Real-time fade control
  • Familiar breakpoint gain adjustment
  • Selection Reference Points (SRPs) mark your material

All Real-Time Processing

  • Super fast audio-tool selection
  • Advanced Metering with Details Window
  • Sonic Studio Mastering EQ – minimum phase implementation
    • Global EQ
  • Multiple Dither Algorithms
    • Sonic TPDF Shaped Triangular PDF redithering

Multiple Format Exporting

  • Export as AIFF, WAV, and BWF (with metadata)24- or 16-bit word length
  • Export single track or full album in one step
  • Export in multiple sample rates at the same time (save time)

Gold Master Creation and Delivery

  • Deep support for PQ / Metadata specification
  • Start/End PQ, Album, Artist, and Track Information
  • UPC/EAN & ISRC Codes
  • Emphasis & SCMS flagsOffset & minimum index width
  • Includes CD TEXT supportUPC/EAN & ISRC Codes


  • Saves to DDP (Disc Description Protocol) 2.0 format
  • Pre-master CD creation and CD-R burning
  • Industry standard PQ Log creation
  • Create Sonic securePlayer™ client reference player with 128-bit encryption

The most transparent sound possible

  • Pristine Sonic Studio Engine 64-bit processing
  • Mixes immediately sound better in soundBlade
  • Depth and richness of sound stage is amazing

Precision Editing

  • Super-fast auto editing tool selection
  • “No-click-ever” editing
  • Real-time segment gain with up to +24db range
  • Real-time fade controls

Always Real-time Processing

  • Real-time segment gain
  • Includes global Sonic Mastering EQ with peak and shevling filters
  • Sonic Mastering Dither

Export & Deliver

  • Use Mark Info Window for specification and creation of DDPs and CDRs
  • Export tracks or entire albums as AIFF or BWF (with metadata)
  • 10x CD-R Burn and DDP Delivery and Export

Your soundBlade LE All Access Subscription Includes:

Retail Value of $2,038

Options for soundBlade LE All Access


studioCare LE Annual Support Contract

One yeaear of priority email, telephone, and remote log-on technical support as well as software updates for customers who own soundBlade LE.


At a minimum, soundBlade LE requires the following:

  • Apple Macintosh Intel 2.6 GHz minimum or faster preferred
  • 17” or larger display
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or more preferred
  • For macOS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard -> macOS Mojave. Not compatible with macOS Catalina.
  • Spare USB port for iLok Smart Key
  • Optional Series 300 DSP I/O Processor or other FireWire, USB or Thunderbolt Core Audio interface

Using USB Devices:

Direct connection of a USB audio converter should be usable with soundBlade. Unlike FireWire however, USB does not provide an isochronous or time–critical data delivery mode. So, USB–attached products for external audio I/O are not recommended for either hard drives or audio interfaces when used in any pro audio production environment. USB peripherals, other than Human User Interface products such as mice and keyboards, may inter- fere with the operation of our products.

Current USB Apple Super Drives (USB2 or USB3) should perform as expected.NOTE: since Sonic Studio is unable to test every USB converter, we cannot guarantee that all USB audio converters will function at all sample rates and configurations. Connection of audio converters via USB hubs, use of USB hard disc drives and USB v1 optical disc peripherals is not recommended or supported.


Apple’s Thunderbolt input/output technology lets you connect high-performance peripherals and displays to a single port with fast data transfer rates. Sonic Studio expects no issues to arise with the connection of existing FireWire devices or drives using a Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adaptor or hub, nor with the use of future generation direct-attached drives, I/O devices and optical drives.

Additional Notes:

soundBlade 2.0.2 and later is not supported on PPC (Mac G4 or G5) hardware. soundBlade is a 32-bit application with all internal processing done at double precision.