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Welcome to Artist Connection. Artist Connection is a new tool for studios to rapidly and easily send and receive audio tracks that are pending approval, in a convenient and secure way. Artist approval can now take place all in one application, from start to finish, instead of having to rely on multiple programs and haphazard coordination to get content approved.

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A simple and secure solution.

Artist Connection allows you to easily share unreleased audio and takes the guess work out of the artist approval process.  Reduce the time between recording and release with the easy to use Artist Connection iOS, Android or Amarra Luxe Desktop app for Windows and Mac OS.  With the built in messaging feature and supporting most audio formats including Sony 360 Reality Audio, Artist Connection enables content creators and production teams access to the next generation of high quality, channel-based and immersive content production and delivery. 

Streamline Studio Workflow:  Artist Connection standardizes the way unreleased audio is passed between team members. With the inclusion of real–time messaging, requests, comments and revisions can be handled immediately and interactively.

Secure Delivery: Artist Connection makes sure that your music stays private until you're ready to release it. Content is shared and stored in an encrypted environment and streaming permissions are only accessible in the studio portal.

Built-In Messenger: With our 2-way messenger, comments and concerns can easily be sent between the mobile app and the browser portal further reducing delays in audio approval.


Thank you for your interest in Artist Connection.  Having the right level of support is critical to your success with Artist Connection and we have several services available to you should you have any questions or issues.


November 2019

ComponentPremium SupportStandard SupportOn Demand Support
Web-based Call Logging24x724x7-
Response Time24-hour2-3 Business Days1 Business Day
Knowledge Base24x724x724x7
Software Updates and Patches for Artist ConnectionIncludedIncluded-
Order Support Response Time2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days2-3 Business Days
Escalations*1 per month--
PRICE$99/month, $999/yearIncluded in monthly AC Subscription$39

*Escalations for Critical Issues - customer is experiencing an issue for which there is no acceptable work alternative and that is seriously impacting the customer’s ability to conduct business.

For sales support please contact us at

For technical support, check out our FAQ.

Studio Admins visit the Help Center for additional support.


Start by securely uploading (or linking) your audio and artwork using your desktop browser. We support most audio formats with a resolution up to 96 kHz ( or higher w proper i/o).


Invite users and then select recipients from custom groups; they’ll immediately receive an alert on their mobile device that there is a new track to approve.


This is the easy part, recipients securely stream the music and all audio content through headphones or speakers.


Our secure messenger allows quick 2-way messaging for comments, last minute changes and approval.